Tough Cookie Bundle - Issue #1 & #2

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Enjoy this bundle of two featuring:

Issue #1:
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A 52 page zine featuring amazing artist co assntributions in the form of photography, articles, poetry, illustrations, collages and more.
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The first issue familiarises readers to the ideology behind Tough Cookie, and explores a wide range of themes, such as balancing Mental Health & Creativity, Surviving Sexual Assault, Social Media Toxicity, Self Love, Gender Equality, Climate Change & more. aw was es sws
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Mixed in with a lot of hard-hitting subjectsa are pages full of fun, colour & hope; providing a unique reading experience of insightful, pow asserful & moving articles coupled with vibrant & sssuplifting illustrations, poems, art & photography.

Tough Cookie is back with its 2nd isswaw ass ss! We're proud to present the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING edition, a zine produced in sresponse to the Black Lives s see wasMatter ßmovement and s saw a sexplorinwag the theme of Art and/in Activism. Was
This zine is almost double the ssize of
s thee aafirst one, with 82 pages boasting s see waexcellence, magic and creativity. We have teamed up with 11 amazing contributors from the Black and Brown was aascommunity in an effort to have o deassur voices see a ass washeard, asschampioned and celebrated. We hope to see as SW assmake a small saw achange in diversifying the Print Industry and giving a platform to the Black community, both in Brighton ans sawd see awa